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Honda CBR FireBlade (600/900/1000 RR) Stickers Set

Honda CBR FireBlade (600/900/1000 RR) Stickers Set

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Honda CBR FireBlade Decal Set

"Revamp your Honda CBR FireBlade (600/900/1000 RR) with our top-notch sticker set now available for order! These decals are meticulously designed to closely match the factory ones, ensuring an authentic look. Crafted from high-quality vinyl, our die-cut stickers come without a background, providing a seamless finish. Choose from a variety of colors; default option is white. Experience easy application with our premium transfer tape.

For customization requests, alternate sizes, color mixing, or personalized sets, reach out to us via WhatsApp. The product image showcases the included stickers and their sizes, ensuring transparency and accuracy in your order. Don't miss the chance to elevate your Honda CBR FireBlade's aesthetics with our superb sticker decal set!"

Size guide

Size measure by width. Decal height will set automatically according to original proportion.

Decal Width (cm) Width (inch) Qty
Honda logo 40cm 15.7" 2 pcs
Honda logo 29cm 11.4" 2 pcs
Honda logo 11cm 4.3" 5 pcs
Honda logo 6cm 2.3" 5 pcs
CBR 22cm 8.6" 2 pcs
CBR 16cm 6.2" 2 pcs
Wings 12cm 4.7" 2 pcs
600RR 22cm 8.6" 2 pcs
Fireblade 15cm 5.9" 2 pcs
Fireblade 12cm 4.7" 2 pcs

How to apply

1. Clean the surface where you intend to apply the sticker. It won't stick to a greasy, dirty, or dusty surface.

2. Peel off the clear transfer tape along with the sticker in a way that the letters and other details of the sticker remain on the sticky clear tape

3. Apply one edge of the sticker to the surface and smooth it along the entire length using a plastic card. If needed, you can use the card to remove wrinkles and air bubbles from under the film.

4. Peel off the clear film from the sticker, which should remain on the surface. Pull the clear film parallel to the surface and as close to it as possible. Make sure that all the details of the sticker separate from the clear film.

5. Wipe down the sticker. If needed, use a plastic card to further smooth out poorly adhered details. Stubborn air bubbles can be carefully punctured with a needle and smoothed out again with the card. That's it!

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