Shipping info  Your order will be made within one business day after we receive your payment. Orders are shipped on business days. We accept your orders on weekends and holidays, but they will be processed and shipped the next business day.

Large stickers (that won't fit in the envelope) are sent by parcel. Delivery terms are automatically offered in the checkout section. Unfortunately, free shipping does not apply to large or advertising stickers, but most of the shipping cost is covered by good discounts.

 Tracking  All orders are send by USPS. If the envelope does not reach you, we will not be able to help you, but we will try to individually solve your problem, and we will come up with some solution that suits you.

 Shipping Domestic and Worldwide  

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 Disclaimer  You are solely responsible for providing contact details for delivery. If you have made a mistake in your shipping address, please contact us immediately. We will be able to amend your address if it has not already been sent. The only thing that will remain in this situation is to wait for the return and hope for the honesty of the person who will receive your envelope. In the event that the envelope is returned to us, you will need to pay an additional $3 for resending. If the envelope is lost through no fault of ours, we are not responsible for it.

 Delay  We are not responsible for delivery delays through no fault of ours. Various factors affect the speed of delivery: weekends and holidays, weather conditions, human error, customs or incorrect delivery information. All the time indicated in the delivery section is approximate and may be either less or more.

 Cancel or Refund  We can cancel your order and refund your money only if the sticker is not yet ready. Each sticker is made individually and cannot be returned or exchanged. In disputable situations, we can offer you a discount on the next order or other individual options, depending on the situation.