Car advertising lettering stickers & decals

It is very simple to order a advertising sticker on a car rear window.
Contact us in any messenger
Provide the text you want to place on the advertising sticker
Tell the measurement of your's vehicle rear window
Wait for your free layout


1 row up to 3.9" in overall hight
2 row up to 7.8" in overall hight
3 row up to 11.8" in overall hight
4 row up to 15.7" in overall hight
*The cost is approximate. Standard width up to 47 inches. Larger size - individually.The cost may slightly change both up and down. The final price of the sticker is determined by the manager and depends on such parameters as color, number of characters and the final size of the sticker.
  • We process your order within 24 hrs

    9am-8pm in business day
  • We prepare free layout for you

    2-3 options for your future sticker
  • Send you layout for approval

    Final size and cost shown
Advertising stickers your vehicle glass are an effective tool for businesses in different calibers. Advertising lettering will grab attention 24 hours a day, whether you are driving or not. Vinyl decals work for you any season and any weather! In addition to all this, this type of advertising is very economical and simple. 
All Rear window advertising stickers made individually for you and your business, No one else will have the exact same sticker. Before printing we sent you a layout for approval, and add some changes if needed. We do not start sticker printing until you say that you like the design and you are happy with the result.
  • A budget-friendly way to tell the world about your business.

  • The advertising sticker works every day, regardless of whether you

  • Day and night, the sticker attracts the attention of potential customers

  • Even if you are not driving, people who see the sticker will come up and take a photo of your contact details

  • You buy a sticker once and it will serve you for several years. No need to buy subscriptions, replenish the budget, etc

Durability & Supremacy

  • Fade resistant

  • Water resistant

  • Weather resistant

  • Carwash resistant

  • Long life premium vinyl

  • Fair price. Save money in your wallet

  • Separate you from the flow

  • Sticker works 24/7, when you driving or parking

How to place an order?

Contact us via Whatsapp, facebook messenger or Viber.
Please don't forget to add the dimensions of your rear window and other important information that we will print on the sticker.

How to install advertising sticker?

Prepare your surface: clean glass with window cleaner. When the glass is dry, degrease it for better adhesion.
Watch full video with process below

When to pay and how much?

We make a layout for you completely free! After agreeing on the layout, the manager will report the final cost of making the sticker. Usually the cost of rear window advertising sticker is from 50$ to 200$, and depends on the final size, colors and other individual parameters.

What information will the manager give me?

The manager will provide you with a free layout of the future sticker. Will give you polite advice on how to apply the sticker. You will be informed about the final cost, payment methods and delivery. You can ask any questions related to vinyl stickers, we will be happy to answer them.